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*Get cash for your used large format ink cartridges!!!

Trade your empty ink cartridges in for up to $3 per cartridge.

Send us your empty ink cartridges for credit (ranging from $2-3 per cartridge) you can use to buy ink for your large format printers. Turning used ink cartridges into $2-3 per cartridge is a great way to recycle.


- Minimum 40 cartridges per submission.
- Only 3B Ink cartridges qualify for a $3 credit per cartridge.
- Original Roland, HP, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson and Canon cartridges are acceptable, but will only qualify for a $2 credit per cartridge.
- Does not apply to cartridges that have been refilled with other 3rd party inks.
- We will issue a credit for all cartridges upon receipt.
- Unusable cartridges will not be returned.
- Rules and conditions are subject to change without notice.


Simply ship us your used 3B Ink or OEM large format ink cartridges (no leaking cartridges).
- Minimum of 24 cartridges per submission.
- We cannot issue a credit for lost packages or cartridges we never received.


*Get cash for your used large format ink cartridges!!! Our ink cartridge buy back program is valid only for credit for purchases at 3B Ink. We do not send cash, check or any form of payment.

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