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By Arden Lee

Utilize Flexible UV Ink for Printing Rounded Surfaces and Other Flexible Items

Flexible UV Inks Allow More Printing Jobs and More Money!


Flexible material requires flexible UV Inks! In the printing world, the quality is measured by two distinct things: 

  1. How good does it feel and look in hand?
  2. How well will it last over time?

Typically, UV inks have been designated to print and cure on flat application surfaces like wood, plastics, or metals. Luckily, new technologies in the UV ink industry have produced inks that are now able to print on flexible substrates like printing on golf balls, soccer balls, etc. 

These types of flexible UV inks can handle leathers, polyester, nylons, and plastics that are designed to be malleable and stretch. You are now able to print on plastics BEFORE they are heated and vacuum molded.

What Other Substrates and Products Can You Print with Flexible UV Ink?

  • Police & Firefighter Gear
  • Tactical Fabrics and Gear
  • Sports Equipment & Rubber Items
  • Recycled Bags
  • Flags & Banner Materials
  • Sports Pennants & Promos
  • Binders & Office Supplies
  • Journals & Leathers
  • And More…

Flexible Inks Let You Do More!

UV Flexible inks are recommended anytime you’ll need to print on flexible surfaces. These UV inks have a unique chemical composition which allows them to acquire much higher surface energy. Yes, there are more solvents present, so you will need ventilation. But it is the unique compounds which allows them to be incredibly flexible. 

You will also get longer lasting prints on goods that need to stretch, twitch, and bend. If Ink isn’t flexible enough, tiny cracks and compromises in the print will break down the ink.

Flexible Inks Let You Make More!

3B Inks UV Flexible Ink costs a little bit more than traditional inks. Avg. $160-299 per liter vs. $100-150 per liter. However, when you factor in price per item basis and profits, the difference is negligible. 

The profits that generate from UV flexible ink, can generate are very large due to the demand for flexible goods is at an all-time high. UV printers are taking the market by storm because the demands for UV flexible options are in increasing demand.

You will maintain the same maintenance schedule when using flexible inks as well as no additional problems with machines that are running UV inks. 

Flexible Inks Maximize the UV Printing Advantage

One of the most eye catching features of printing with flexible inks is that you can handle them right out of the machine. UV printers don’t have outdated “wet” technologies which must be cured after printing.  



 With flexible UV ink, you’ll be able to print custom:

  • Basketballs
  • Footballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Soccer balls
  • Golf Balls
  • Plus, lots more…


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