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Top 7 Large Format, Flatbed UV Printers as of 2021

There are a wide range of reasons to buy a large format, flatbed UV printer. If you have dated machinery, want to upgrade your printing business, expand your promotional and signage products, a UV printer is for you! 

The most important fact of purchasing a large-format UV printer and UV inks is fulfilling or in majority of cases, upgrading your product/printing goals. 

To get the highest quality of print, and the best economical investment, we have brought to you the best features and capabilities when looking to invest in a new UV printer. 

Diligently researching the best manufacturer and the available UV flatbed printers, we will help you select the printer suited to your needs. 

Here are the top large format, flatbed UV printers of 2021:  


1. Roland VersaUV LEJ-640FT

2. Ricoh Flatbed UV LED Printer

3. Mimaki JFX200-2531

4. Canon Arizona 6170 XTS

5. X2 Flatbed UV Printer

6. Besjet Large UV Flatbed Printer

7. Flora HJII5000 UV PRINTER




Top 7 Large Format Flatbed UV Printers: 

If you are indecisive when researching for a printer, here we will take into factor the quality, dimensions, print speed, substrates, and more. 


1. Roland VersaUV LEJ-640FT: 

This large format UV Printer delivers high tier graphics that allow you to print on many substrates. 

  • The print bed is 64" x 98" that works well with thin and thicker substrates
  • With its high speed mode, it can print up to  133sqft/hr in CMYK format
  • With Dual UV heads, it allows a printing resolution of 440x1440 dpi
  • It can print on a variety of delicate or dense materials
  • This UV printer is perfect for printing on typical materials such as plastic, glass, wood, and metal
  • You can print on phone cases, guitar cases, coffee cups, and more with UV Flexible Ink
  • The dimensions of this printer is 3200mm x 3734mm x 1207mm and weighs about 2600 lbs. 


2. Ricoh Flatbed UV LED Printer: 

The Pro T7210 UV LED printer by Ricoh is an excellent, profitable large format UV printer. It has speed and efficiency. 

  • With 12 printheads, you have maximum productivity in printing promo products, packaging, signs, and graphics
  • The Ricoh Flatbed has a print speed up to 1,106 ft2/hr with very affordable operation costs 
  • High tier image quality with a resolution of 635 x 1800 dpi 
  • With high tier technology and industrial grade heads, you can print top of the line vivid colors. 
  • Print are of 6.9' x 10.5' 
  •  The dimensions are 14.5' x 12.7' x 5.2' and weighing a little under 5,000 lbs 


3. Mimaki JFX200-2531:

This high performing large flatbed LED UV printer gives amazing performance and efficiency for professional sign and graphic printshops. 

  • It has a high tier print speed of 25m²/hr and 12.5m²/hr
  • Print area of 2.5m x 3.1m
  • It can print on art prints, backlit graphics, glass, aluminum, metal , polycarbonates, PVC, styrene, wood, stone, foam board, and acrylics
  •  vacuum pedal
  • New LED OEM quality UV Ink
  • 4,400 mm x 4,290 mm x 1,250 mm and weighs approximately 1,000 kg 



4. Canon Arizona 6170 XTS:

This large format UV printer is optimal for a high volume of printing needed. It is known for its quality, speed, and versatility. 

  • The printer has a print speed of 155m²/hr
  • Up to a print area of 51 m x 3.21 m, it has edge to edge full bleed printing. 
  • It has a dimension of 5.72 m x 4.82 m
  • Weighs about 1.815 kg


5. X2 Flatbed UV Printer: 

 The X2 Flatbed UV printer is a perfect choice for those who need to print up to 6" in height. It is made for industrial printing and promotional products. 

  • This high tier UV printer can print a full 21" x 25" area in just 90 seconds
  • It has a speed of 12m²/hr 
  • Prints a resolution of 1200 dpi
  • The six color head has CMYK + white LED UV Inks
  • High detail images on unique part shapes. 
  • Dimensions 1676.40 x 1549.40 x 1371.60mm 


6. Besjet Large UV Flatbed Printer: 

The Besjet UV Printer will revolutionize your print business. It is a top tier printer that is not only economically efficient, but high quality print application. 

  • Has a print size pf i[ tp 10' x 6.5' that prints uni-directional and bi-directional on substrates.
  • High speed ability with CMYK + Light cyan, light magenta, and white UV OEM Inks
  • It can print a wide variety of substrates like glass, aluminum, wood, leather, foam board, polyurethane, plastic board, metal sheet, textile, wallpaper, bricks, ceramic, and much much more. 
  • It works with three Ricoh GEN5 high demand print heads
  • Dimensions: 100" x 85" x 50" and the net weight is 1700 lbs. 


7. Flora HJII5000 UV PRINTER: 

The UV flatbed printer is the best for print shops with a large scale production.

  • The UV printer comes with 8-16 spectra Polaris printheads of (CMYK)+LC+LM.
  • With an outstanding printing speed up to 252sqm/hr, it can print up to a width of 5 meters.
  • It employs UV-curable,pigment-based ink that can print up to a resolution of 1400*800dpi.
  • The overall dimension of the printer is 810x170x210cm and weighing about 2500kg. Moreover, it also comes with a one-year limited warranty.
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