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The Most Common Types of Traffic Signs

MUTCD compliant traffic signs are a complicated product. Luckily, is here to provide the latest, federal compliant types of traffic signs you may need to design. Below there will be the most common categories of traffic, highway, and road signs we help municipalities around the world design! 

Regulatory Traffic Signs


Regulatory traffic signs are types of MUTCD signs that direct traffic and the behavior of drivers in an area. The most common regulatory signs are stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs. MUTCD regulatory signs tell drivers what they can and cannot do. These signs have been studied and was concluded that they have save thousands of lives every year. Some of these are fitted with LED lighting to emphasize and to ensure visibility in any condition.




Property signs are the type of MUTCD signs that allow a property to do their part in keeping their property safe and compliant to federal codes. These types of signs are typically forms of parking signs such as; NO parking signs, handicap signs. And private property signs. Like all signs, these are regulated using the MUTCD traffic software manual when designing. 




The goal and purpose of Warning signs is to make motorists aware of upcoming road conditions. MUTCD warning signs can be permanent or temporary. Commonly used traffic signs like curve left, curve right, turns with speeds, and split highway signs are all the MUTCD compliant signs used.



The next type of traffic signs is construction signs. These are designed to warn motorists to be cautious in a construction area. These imperative signs keep men and women who work on the road safe. MUTCD requires all construction signs to be orange. Commonly used construction signs are road closed, one lane ahead, begin road work, and detour.



MUTCD traffic software also regulates Guide signs. Guide signs are the large blue and brown signs on the highway to point to destinations such as, rest stops, state parks, and which direction major cities are in. MUTCD highway guide signs can also be green. 




MUTCD and School regulations mandate many different types of signs to ensure safety of all people in a school area. The large, populated, parking lots, hundreds of kids, and large buses need traffic management through signage. The common school signs are parking signs, bus only signs, and crosswalk signs. 

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