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The Difference Between UV Ink vs Solvent Ink

Providing your signs or prints with high quality, lasting images is our top priority at 3B Inks. To make this possible, we provide the highest quality of UV ink to create breathtaking visuals and prints. Most people are likely aware with the liquid form of inks typically found in pens and printers at home in the form of a cartridge. The solid or paste forms of ink are usually found in industrial UV printers. Powder or toner inks are used in consumer and commercial laser printers.

UV Ink

The progression of technology has given the printing industry the ability to cure vibrant ink instantly on almost any surface or material. UV Ink, which is used in UV flora printing, makes clear and pristine printing designs. The vibrance is due to the process of curing it as soon as it is applied to the material. When ink is usually air dried or with heat, it will absorb into the material, UV ink avoids this. Because of the surface curing, the print will have a matte like appearance to it. UV ink is also fade, scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant.

UV ink is not only adequate for printing, it is also eco-friendly and does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

Solvent Ink

One of the more commonly used printer inks is solvent ink. Solvent inks is comprised of a water or liquid base, pigment, and resin. Solvent ink prints are durable and long lasting. Unlike UV ink, solvent cures over time with air or heat drying. Solvent ink sometimes has the tendency to dry within the printer heads, causing clogging and causing the design to print wrong. Frequent head maintenance can stop it from clogging. The additional maintenance causes the printer to have downtown and increases costs. Which eventually can cause longer turn around times for your customers! 

3B provides the highest quality ink with unrivaled performance. UV ink has constant advantages over solvent inks. The longevity and permanence of the ink designs with UV will out perform the performance of solvent inks. 



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