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3B Ink's MUTCD Sign Software for Flexi and EPS

The MUTCD Complete Digital editions is the first complete highway and traffic sign software design and reference software developed for American, Mexico, Canada, and Australia commercial and public markets. This MUTCD sign software incorporates the entire compliant MUTCD sign and symbol library. This gives the traffic software user the necessary tools to customize and design their own traffic signs or modify existing ones. MUTCD Flexi and EPS edition conform to the federally mandated MUTCD requirements. 

We have two available editions for MUTCD sign software. 3B Ink's traffic software is availble in the MUTCD 2017 Edition Highway Signs Collection and the MUTCD 2017 Flexi Version.  


MUTCD 2017 Highway Signs Collection

The MUTCD Complete Digital Edition is the 1st to market as a complete transportation sign software. It references the MUTCD federally compliant manual for the American commercial and public markets. It allows users to edit or create their own signs while having a library of over 4,000 signs, symbols, and fonts. 


Features and Benefits: 

  • Over 4 thousand signs, symbols, and templates
  • All signs are included with each compliant MUTCD size category
  • Includes FHWA Expanded Edition Fonts and Clearview Fonts
  • All sign files and templates are in precise EPS vector format
  • Adobe Illustrator symbol libraries


MUTCD 2017 Ultimate Highway Collection Flexi Edition

The Ultimate Highway Collection applies the power of Flexi software and the complete MUTCD Digital Edition. This is the first to market complete traffic sign software and reference software to federal standards for American, Mexico, Canada, and Australia commercial markets. It uses Flexi cutting software with the entire MUTCD sign and symbol library, providing the designer with a turn key solution to customizing/modifying transportation signs. If you make traffic, highway or recreational custom signs, this is the software package you need! 


Features and Benefits: 

  • Flexi cutting software bundled with over 2,900 signs, symbols, and blank templates
  • Drivers for over 800 cuttings/plotting devices
  • All signs in precise .EPS format. Simply click on the sign and it opens in Flexi ready to cut
  • Fully compliant with the Federal MUTCD Standard Highway Signs Book
  • Includes enhanced & expanded editions fonts
  • Signs included for each MUTCD size category

If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions contact us now on our contact page here. 

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